VR Horror but the ghost hates Mexicans

Objavljeno 18. dec. 2020
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  • Dunno why Mulley and Gabby were freaking out. Ghost just wanted that spicy chorizo

  • 7:25 I want to see Eddie's face when he did that

  • Mully : 5,19 mln Eddie : 5,35 mln !!!!! It's happening!!!

  • Ghosts can be racist apparently

  • What is this called, and can you play this just on oculus

  • Same

  • how tf yall play this? i know it's late comment but like fr. no way in hell will anyone catch me playing a vr horror game


  • I love your vids

  • Lol I'm watching then when mully says/reply is I have a bigger than Eddie my phone went deaf

  • Gabby's scream is what I really loved about this, she really takes away the game to a different level.

  • 11:08 *I don't wanna ClEaN yOuR PiPeS*

  • What the hell funniest video ever:)

  • 11:50 yeah you can only walk gay now

  • The title should have been "Scaring the shit out of Eddie" lol

  • that ghost really likes eddie!

  • Wow that ghost love Spanish food lmao

  • Ewwwww get your dirty pis hands away from me no 4:54

  • what vr chat world is that cause i wanted to play vr horror

  • who received mullys give away

  • What VR do you use

  • What is the world called

  • Me too 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Why do I just love these vr horror videos

  • Mully play duck season

  • Eddie and the other girl I can't remember: (having a fucking heart attack) Milly: (silence)


  • Mully being a third wheeler 💀

  • no one mully and juicy : *asking the gohst who has the bigger pp*

  • Well there ghost is right Eddie has more subs and Mully


  • Mully takes photo Me: That's actually a nice photo. Mully: I'm gonna add this to my want bank. Me: oh...

  • Ngl. I don’t like Gabby Imo. She’s just kinda annoying.

  • What game is this? Is this vr chat?

  • Mason... what do the numbers mean?

  • Eddie's gay!😂😂😂😂

  • Mully’s like my dog. He used to get scared of his shadow... (Rest in peace Mugzy) :(

  • funny thing is eddie actually overtook him in subs by the end of the year

  • U guys need to do one with smashing but as brushes

  • Hello migos

  • You Homafobic?

  • Tikokoy

  • The Ghost Hates Mexicans" Me: CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK (dies of laughing

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😭💀🖐🏻i died when they said respond if ur hrny

  • Like how did Eddie dance at a night club in 25 seconds

  • Did you hear that Ghost is hor*y😂😂 I can’t breath

  • I like Happy donalds Today last morning Okay It's morning today And night today

  • Mully I just love channel

  • S Is for Sip It's Drumsy.com😊 That's good shirt Today all day

  • Mully the third wheel


  • bruh

  • What if the ghost was a mexcian?

  • Kamui

  • Mully: Are you counting on your fingers how many years it’s taken Edie to get citizenship? I’m so confused? Me: dieing of laughter

  • When mulls post a vid and I’m not okay I watch it and it makes me more happy.

  • Me: Your ugly Girl: Your still ugly Me: Your trash at Roblox Obbys Girl: Your ass is flat One of my friends: 6:50 Me: 6:51 Girl: 6:53 Me: 6:57 I'm like whaa, bc im a boy, but I get it from a lot of girls, they call me THIQQ

  • 6:46 Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Crickets: *playing their leg music* Me: *Laughing like somebody just told me I will stop watching anime sometime in my life*

  • Mully loudly and defensively saying "No!", sounds exactly like Pinky saying "Narf!"

  • Taken a third time* “Not again!”😂

  • I love your videos. Since my mom got sick with her rare brain condition your videos have been helping me keep my spirits up. Thanks boys.😌💕❤️💕

  • hey guys ther is trash here just like mullys channel

  • "ShE tRiEd To PeEl mE fRoM tHe WrOnG eNd..!!😭🤧" R.I.P. you Eddie😂😂

  • This going in *THE WANKBANK*

  • imagine getting a heart from Mully

  • Fun fact Eddie has already taken over mully in subscribers

  • At 3:12 is my favorite🤣🤣

  • Bro I can’t😂😂😭😭

  • Me: *read the title* *wait-hang on*

  • 7:27 It's Wednesday my dudes

  • When will it be legal for Eddie to live here in America??😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • Nobody: Me every three seconds: BWHAHAHHA

  • 7:08 did u guys reilize the fricking cross flipped

  • I don't think i was in ur furry video HSHAHSYAS

  • It happend Eddie did pass mully in suba

  • A-a wank bank? 😖

  • Lmfao

  • GREAT fact:when you're alone the ghost comes for u

  • Me sitting here thinking of commiting suicide Mully: lol no

  • Bro no way Eddie actually has barely more subs than Mully 🤣

  • Is this in vr chat or is it actually phasmaphobia

  • “VR but the ghost hates Mexicans” That’s America, can’t be me, my nationality is [404 nationality not found] wai-wait what? Let me try this again [404 error nationality still not found] welp I think my internets busted again, looks like I’m going to the router to reset it for the [404 error number not found] well that’s just [404 error word not found] bruh

  • "after what she did to me i think i might be homiesexual" -eddievr 2020

    • slcd.info/drink/video/qYaHlptlsa-9p3w

  • "wank bank" hahahaha

  • fun fact: mully nuts with eddie in his eyes

  • Gabby got it harder

  • Where is the ear doctor bc you busted my ear drums at the end

  • 6:26 guys guess what.

  • Everyone: making Mexican jokes Me: why the shadows look like pp’s

  • The numbers Gabriela what do they mean

  • The numbers, mason! What do they mean?!

  • This vr chat?

  • Nah Eddie has the more subs lol

  • Fucking sh1t i got a heart attack when your girl friend i think when he scream holy sh1t

  • 8:20

  • 6:20

  • 11:08 The way he just disappeared

  • Every VR Horror with Mully: His fake yet realistic scream. Just to scare everyone else! Love it!

  • I couldn't stop laughing

  • jajaja pinches bananas XD