Eddie lied when he said FNAF 2 in VR was easy...

Objavljeno 18. feb. 2021
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  • Aw damn this vid never hit the like goal

  • Where chillin

  • Molly to 1000 likes

  • You can do this mully

  • Hello hello hello

  • 9:44 when the ugly girl tries to flirt with you

  • The long nan is the puppet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mully: not listening to phone guy, therefore has no idea how the mechanics work. Me: that is your first mistake

  • you need to listen to the guy on the phone

  • The mask protects you

  • is it a curse that my names freddie

  • We’re chilling

  • Mully:doesnt know about the music box and complains about it Every fnaf fan:TRUGGERED *triggered*

  • You use the mask to Confuse the Chicken bear and the bunny

  • Help comment : balloon boy - If you see balloon boy in your vent put your mask on right away. After putting your mask on when you hear thumping take it off and check the vent and Balloon Boy should be gone. Old Freddy & Toy Freddy - These two act like Old Chica and Bonnie but instead they enter your office through the hallway. Just like those two, put on the mask when you see them sitting on your desk. They should go away if you time it right.

  • The Comments: 99% talk about it that mully always says "we're chilling" 1% talk about something else Sorry for my bad englisch😅😌

  • We're chilling

  • front cover=puppet

  • were chillen

  • We're chillin

  • we r not chilling bi***

  • "We're chilling"

  • Wtf decided it was a good idea to add vents in the security area mate

  • Were chilling

  • we chilling ... *dies 10 times*

  • The start where chilling where chilling -jump scare- AHHHHHH

  • We chillin

  • We Chillin

  • Mully says he needs to survive but the person on the phone is telling him how to survive

  • Omg you should say Five Nasty Ass Fools

  • Mully: ignores phone guy Phone guy: guess your dead

  • We’re chilling

  • When people don’t know how to play games, I get annoyed

  • i so scared

  • Mully half way though *"So we need to wind the music box so he doesn't come to get me"* Also Eddie sitting in the corner *"omg F I N A L L Y"*

  • Hmm

  • Mully mutes phone guy like: "shut up bih, if I need help I got my own phone guy. He even speaks Spanish sometimes."

  • We're chillin

  • AD HAACH D no

  • I only watch these videos to hear Mully say "We're chilling"

  • Why did Eddie f***ing lie🤬

  • We're chilling

  • 2:30 - 2:34 is the jump scare

  • We’re chillin

  • The Freddy mask is for you to put on when you hear animatronic humming they won't recognize you

  • were chilling ;]

  • we chillen

  • were chilin

  • The Freddy mask is to hide it bc they don't know ur a night gaurd

  • Puppet is a she racist

  • Mully: WERE CHILLEN (dies)

  • Mully please put on subtitles on the game 😊 its easier to hear what people are saying in the game, like so he can see this!

  • Mangle. Foxy. Chica and chica. Bonnie and bonnie. Freddy and freddy. Baloon boy. Muppet master are all the animatronics i think. There might be golden freddy idk

  • The old animatronics were broken and replaced with the toy animatronics you can not use freddy mask on foxy and you need to wind up the music box or you die :)

  • Mully: i am so good at fnaf bro Litterally died like 3 times to the same anamatronic and had to call eddie for help

  • Mully: hello Ballon boy: hi Mully: hi please stay away

  • Hah. The fact that he doesn't know that there are two stages for animatronics in the vent. Visible on cam, and visible through the light in the office. The latter is when you put on the mask.

  • If you're trying to survive, LISTEN TO THE PHONE GUY

  • why do I start felling sorry for mully when he gets scared

  • we’re chilling

  • Homie straight chillin tho

  • PFFFFFT he called Marionette a boy PFFT xD

  • That little boy in the vent is balloon boy

  • Mully it is hella funny watching you play fnaf

  • i would tell you but there is no use because you can just ask eddiebut i will tell you that the big black mask dude is marinet ok (little bitch) is ballon boy

  • POV: You’re trynna find a comment that doesn’t talk about the We chillin part.

  • He scaring you cause you keep the music box always dead

  • Watch toy bon bon /undead longplays FNaF 2

  • Where chilling

  • 99.999999999999999999 of these comments are about Mully screaming we chillin a million times stop we get that he’s loud and obnoxious ok

  • We're CHLLNG

  • Eddie is a try hard for fnaf

  • We're chilling

  • Lol

  • Lol love how at one point right before he dies in night 1 he yells that it’s easy and WE CHILLLLEN but dies straight after because he did not wind the music box up

  • You need the light to avoid foxy

  • You need the mask to avoid them

  • No he did it very easy watch his video

  • the old animatroniks can catch you

  • Mully eddie simps for toy chica xD

  • yous the mask for freddy

  • When you play that game I think when Freddy comes you have to hide under the desk because he’s Freddy and your wearing a Freddy mask

  • Mully:“WE CHILLING” His confidence: mully for the last time haven’t I already told you that I am bad at telling the truth???

  • Me through night one: WIND 👏🏻 UP 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 MUSIC 👏🏻 BOX

  • Bunny rabbits poop like a stick in the smell poop on your hand they killed them

  • weareer ckilen soz me no no who too spele

  • "WE'RE CHILLIN" ~MULLY 2021~

  • u need the mask for boney

  • we chillllllllllen

  • We're just straight Chillin 😵

  • "I'm supposed to be listening to him but I'm sorry I'm just trying to survive" Well...yeah... Survival means listening to the phone guy lmao


  • its 4am ... oh freddy XD

  • Balloon Boy: Hello? Mully: WHO THE FUCK WAS THAT, YOU DO NOT SPEAK TO ME

  • Puppet is a girl tho-

  • We chilling


  • We chillin

  • Wechilin

  • Mully in 2020:we’re not chilin